« To get married in summer in the sunniest part of France is a kind of day dream« . Beautiful sunsets, magical light, a long night out dancing under the starry sky…. But this dream has a counterpart that you might have experienced : hot – or very hot – weather. To get 35°C or more during the day is quite common on summertime. If it is very welcome for a great night out, it can be very uncomfortable during the day, especially when you are all dressed up.

The question of fealing at ease in hot weather is often evocated at the beginning of each dressmaking process here in the studio. Comfort must not be the last issue to be taken care of, and there are several options to consider, while keeping style and refinement at the top of the list !

Especially if you are very sensitive to hot temperatures,  here is a short list of elements to have in mind while choosing your wedding dress – and live your daydream the coolest way !

And the first advice of all would be  : do not hesitate to ask questions !!

Lace is your friend

Good news, lace wedding dresses are perfect for a summer day ! Being made of « holes » between patterns, it is one of the lightest fabrics, and for sure one of the most refined ! It fits many styles and figures and is undeniably elegant.

The best way to wear it ⇒ Directly to the skin, to enhance the patterns of the lace, playing with transparency

The detail ++ ⇒ Select a very light and aerial lace, that will feel like a breeze of air on your skin

When it goes wrong Choose carefully and go for good quality !! Cheap laces might turn out to be itchy

Back-less wedding dress

As well as for lace, it is a very trendy way to avoid heat stroke ;-). It is beautiful, elegant and there is several ways to wear it.

The best way to wear it ⇒ loose and very low if you can go with a no-bra dress, with straps and tight-fitting if you want some support

The detail ++ ⇒ A custom-made low back ! Designed directly on yourself, the best way ever to feel confident about it

glamorous and sophisticated, a beautiful backless necklace, or a single swarovski tear-drop bead falling in the back…

When it goes wrong ⇒ if you don’t feel totally at ease with a low back, choose a very light lace to cover it, or better : a crop-top, or cardigan, made of beautiful Calais Lace !

Natural and light fabrics

Synthetic fabrics are your ennemy : Polyester, Nylon are the most uncomfortable fabrics on hot weather days ! (I do not like them on cold days either !) Choose a wedding dress with natural fabrics like silk, cotton or linen will be much more comfortable and beautiful !

Of course the lighter the better !  Silk fabrics like muslin, chiffon, crepe georgette, tulle, crepe, organza… will be perfect. However they need to be doubled (with a soft satin silk for example), and you may need to wear invisible underwear.

The best way to wear it ⇒ in a very simple design enhancing your figure, playing with the lightness of the fabric

The detail ++ ⇒ playing with the lightness of the fabrics, the fullness, multiple layers, transparency…

When it goes wrong ⇒ heavier silk like dupioni, radzimir, duchess satin, damask are beautiful but will keep you very warm !! As well as layers and layers of tulle. A « ventilated » cut of the dress might be an alternative solution (see last paragraph)

A short dress

Of course a short dress will be very adequate  ! Length can be mini, knee-length, midi or tea-length. Various shapes, from the simple A-line dress to a more swinging look will fit all figures.

The best way to wear it ⇒ In combination with lace, light fabrics and low-back, with a wide capeline, the most perfect outfit to go out in the sun !

The detail ++ ⇒ add a removable train or skirt for a more dressed-up, dramatic and surprising look for the ceremony

wedding shoes & accessories

wedding shoes

Forget closed shoes, even if it is said to be a « must-wear » for your wedding day. As well as stockings. This is summer and summer means open shoes and bare legs ! There are plenty of beautiful sandals, or peep toe shoes if you are not convinced with sandals.

Choose them in leather of course, and wear them before the wedding to avoid blisters. If you suffer from occasional swelling of the feet and ankle from excessive heat, avoid shoes with ankle straps.


 It should be simple, seamless, matching as much as possible the colour of your skin. Of course if you wear a low-back, no bra is allowed. I do not recommand self-adhesive bra, as heat and sweat are not ideal for this type of underwear.

Ask for advice ! The construction of a dress can combine lightness and structure, especially in custom-made dresses !

headpieces and veils

Especially if you are wearing a low-back dress and want to « cover it up » (for the ceremony for example), a very light veil can combine style, softness and subttleness to your outfit. Plain or bordered with a refined lace, elbow or cathedral length, with comb, tiara or flower crown, the choice is huge, the choice is yours !!


« I need a structured design »

You don’t feel at ease with fluid and light fabrics, and would prefer a more structured design, with better support. Shaping the bust with a natural, stronger fabric will give you the support (and confidence) you need, while the skirt of the dress can be made of lighter fabrics.

« I want sleeves »

Go for lace sleeves of course !! The lightest you can, short or long. Large butterfly sleeves in chiffon or crepe georgette will also be adequate for hot temperatures.

« I want a princess dress »

Despite of the weather you want a voluminous dress : choose a bustier style  or low-back and bare arms, and make sure to wear a hooped petticoat, that will keep you « ventilated » a little. As much as possible, avoid synthetic fabrics…

Photo credits : Valérie Raynaud, Alex Tome, Lucie Py, Aurélie Demarez (Lili Click), En compagnie des perdrix